Friday afternoon was my first visit to the Bath Farmers’ Market, a small gathering on a nice green near the center of town. I was asked to set up in the gazebo and crank up my sound system to help cover the grounds 30 yards away. I haven’t done the PA thing in a while and asked if I could be amongst the vendors. They said no, so I said no problem.


There was little interaction with folks, no kids coming up to play (I was pretty loud from the gazebo, so I don’t blame them) so I was pretty lonesome playing for two hours straight. I felt like a juke box.  Folks liked it and one vendor said it was rare to hear someone who’s every word was clear.


The market folks say that they’re going to centralize the music, so that’s good that they want to integrate the music with the market. 


I have another one later in the summer. Back to the Saucon Valley FM on Sunday where I can mix it up with the crowd. Gonna be hot, though.