I had the opportunity to work up another ‘show’ for PYT’s summer series Tuesday kids’ shows, and it was based on the work I’ve put in on the Playground album. I started with some of the old favorites like Tutti Tah, PB &J to loosen folks up and went to some of the jump rope rhymes from the Jump Rope Mash Up on the album. We went through some of the words, got the kids to make up new variations, and then packed them off to the large space downstairs with jump ropes and rhymes. I stayed upstairs with the little kids and their counselors for all Around the Kitchen. It was great and a brief video came out on FB.


I then went downstairs to work with the kids skipping rope and working on inserting the Anna Banana rhyme with actual jumpers. A good start, as well.


It was a good session, with some families with little kids stopping by, but the mass of the audience was theater camp kids and counselors. These are really great kids to play with and to: intelligent, ready to workshop, dance and think creatively. It was the perfect laboratory to try out this new performance idea, and I learned a whole lot.


I’m glad I bought jump ropes