I had an interesting folk music session in the field – playground, actually, at Holy Infancy School a block away from home.  I’m starting to get back ground sounds for my CD, so I got permission to tape the kids on the playground during recess. so, I set up a stool and stuck my Edirol in a drain pipe behind me and waited for the kids to come out.  No instruments to get in the way…. at least for today.


Initially, I wanted just background sounds, but started to expand on kids doing some of the old favorites that are on other CD’s, conversations, etc.  I had three parts to today’s sounds.


The older kids came out first, some shooting baskets, so I went out and shot some (poorly) and got some ‘Give to me’s’ and other court sounds.


Then the little kids came out to squeals of Dave Fry’s and I was hugged to death.  Then they started asking for Bear Hunt, so we did it, and got some great responses on tape – parts where they take over the parts, and that’s always great moments of theater.


I did Rosalie, Where are You Going, and I did it without guitar and didn’t quite nail my singing, but, again, lots of laughter.  It’s turning out to be a good tune in the field.


We did Peanut Butter and Jelly, with fewer guys that girls, but I got some nice moments I can use in a mash up.


Now the hard part of picking it apart and weaving it into a piece of audio.