I returned to my old haunts along the Monocasy Creek near Birdsboro, PA (home of Daniel Boone).  I had played the kindergarten center there for years until it was broken up and the kids and teachers redistributed to three area ES’s.  This new school is big, but I was pleased to recognize several teachers from the past.  I knew I was in good hands.  Since I was there for K and 1st grades, I split the day with a 10:15 am show and a 12:30 show.  The kids were hip, and there’s still a big difference between the ages, as far as retention, reaction, etc.  But they laughed and danced and we connected.


I got to try out some of my new stuff, like Jelly in the Dish, Skip to my Lou and especially Rosalie, Where are You Going.  The last one got some good traction and I was able to develop it for future use.  I also brought out some of the old favorites and was able to spread them throughout the two sets.  As always, I get the best seat in the house, and my old friends, the teachers, really appreciated having me back, and I was glad to have new stuff for them.


One 1st grade class knew a bunch of my songs, though I hadn’t been there.  Seems they were watching some of my stuff on You Tube, which surprised me.  I wasn’t aware of these tunes being available, but they were ready.  cool.