I booked Saturday and Sunday afternoons this weekend at the Bethlehem Fine Arts annual sidewalk arts show and was looking forward to both days.  Saturday, a squall of thunderstorms just as I was going to start, so, unfortunately I was scrubbed.  But Sunday almost made up for it.


A chilly and breezy day, but abundant sunshine, Mothers Day and good art brought out a nice crowd of adults, kids, grand moms and other high society types.  Early on, a few kids got the message, and the rest of the first hour had some neat family situations, kids dancing, moms with tambourines, and folks taking pictures of the kids.  One middle-aged fellow stood and enjoyed for the whole set, and wondered why he stuck it out longer that the families.


I took a break, and he came up and said that Bill, a friend of his said to check out Dave Fry.  We chatted and I found out he’s guitarist/bassist with a bunch of jazz and soul and pop bands. He then asked to play my Martin, and proceeded to knock off some amazing Chet Atkins arrangements, including one for his dad.  Incredible. I picked up my mandolin and helped finish the song.  The dude was no slouch on guitar, and we continued to talk about what I do to connect to people.  It was very cool to meet him and talk music.


The day wore on, and there was fewer families moving through, but some curious adults hang out, and I got to play some of my blues, songwriter stuff, and had a good time pounding away on the street. 


The Arts Festival folks cut my pay in half this year, but I made over $100 on tips and CD’s.  That’s pretty good, and I look forward to next year’s show.


Bleak week ahead, but a full weekend next week.