After the Camden gig faded away, I happened to be a mere 6 miles from Camden.  I re-ordered 1000 I Like Peanut Butter CD’s for the first time in years, and didn’t have the original art work or audio files than a copy of the original package.  But, I needed product, especially with an open end on the new CD – rounding up finishing players…. 


I hadn’t listened to this CD since last century.  For real.


I listened to it on the way back from Camden, and though the art and slightly lower fidelity was somewhat disappointing, the project really holds up very nicely, especially with the performance pieces (Bear Hunt), the support of Wendi and Lauren’s magnificent back up vocals and ‘having fun’ noises, the keyboards of Hub Wilson (Spider on the Floor is an incredibly playful incarnation of a spider), all my friends who added drums, bass, guitar, synth…)


It is a really good and unique family album, and I realized how that CD was used in family trips to the store or to Texas and back. Lots of interesting sounds, talent and styles of music that make it possible for the parents to places in familial harmony.  That’s powerful stuff, and I occasionally hear great stories about this album’s place in family trips, bed times, …. family histories.


I’m really excited about the new one, too.  I’m a better singer, for one thing.  After 23 years, I would hope so.  More on this later.