I got the wonderful opportunity play for ECO, a community school in the heart of downtown Camden.  Two weeks ago, YANJ called and asked if I had an ecology show.  Easy question, easy answer, yes.  Well…….


I put together some tunes I knew, and stole a folk tune to write some new verses for the show.  I had the required 30 minutes, if I throw in some dancing and movement things.  A mixed bag for 300 urban kids.


I worked well, though not a posited show.  Steve from YANJ was there, and I knew it wasn’t up to his standards (opera singer), but encouraged me to continue to work on outlines, etc.  So much for work.


I was asked to go outside for the second part of the morning, two outdoor spaces with activities with other YANJ artists.  I was supposed to provide ambient music for the block, so I re-set up in a parking lot.  Kids were off painting, planting flowers, etc. I brought out my bag ‘o toys, and bit by bit the kids finished up the educational stuff, and proceeded to jam. Well, didn’t we have just a fine old time.  These kids showed their stuff as an audience earlier, and they turned out to fun to play with live, on their turf.


I will get paid $200 more than I asked.  Yo.


Off to pick up Peanut Butter CD’s 6 miles away.