I made it through the SouthSide traffic in time to make it to the Earth Day celebrations and my set with Tom Church and Raw Magic.  Along with Tom and Dan DeChellis on piano, we did a nice set of eco-friendly songs including Paradise, People Get Ready, a Sam Bush tune, Tom’s music and more.  I studied up on his selections and felt good that I could add to the sound on mandolin and guitar. It’s rare that I’m asked to be a sideman, so I was honored.


It was cold and windy, so it was a bit of a challenge chops-wise, but we pulled it off in the late afternoon.  I finished up by playing a short set at the other stage on site, though no one was around.  After this set, I just sat there and enjoyed not doing anything.


Done, til tomorrow, back at the Greenways Earthday’s for another couple of sets.