I had two shifts today for the fund drive at WDIY.  First one was on the phones for the classical show.  (good way to wake up, read the paper, drink coffee and still be productive.)  The cool part came during the shift from am to pm programming.  Janis Ian is at Kutztown tonight and stopped by for an afternoon live pitch.  She came in early and as I was rounding up my stuff (actually eating free food), and looked forward to introducing myself to her.  She beat me to it by saying, “Hi, Dave.”  That was a cool surprise, and told her that John Gorka mentions her to me.  We had a small, but humorous exchange, and off she went.

I actually don’t remember meeting her, unless if it was at the Philly Folk Fest.


Anyway, a nice way to start the afternoon.  Baseball at Moravian (Jaimie’s on the team) late afternoon and back to WDIY to pitch for Live From Godfrey’s with Dina and Joe.  Return to GD’s and the blues jam at the club.