Round two of this experiment in Intelligencia Folk Productions.  Tonight’s gathering was, again, a very stimulating convergence of friends and fellow musicians.  Kevin Soffera on drums and Doug Hawk on keys.


Kevin, of course, is my drummer with RR and producer of my next album, and is a world class percussionist.  His stuff on my ‘Shake It!’ perks up my ears when I hear it again.  Blood brother, ya know?


Doug’s music I’ve admired from a distance and is a great lyricist, singer and now keyboard player.  He’s got da funk (and a great hairdo), and tonight was a wonderful way to get to know him better, and I even get to play live music with him. 


This format is incredibly fascinating.  We jam, we talk, we converse and the audience joins in the conversation. I truly think the players really appreciate this situation and they seem to relish the experience, as do I.


I’m glad that my friend Mario Accera has pitched in with his video capabilities to capture some of this magic.


I’m as tickled to present this monthly event as I like to play for kids.  That’s saying something.


Next month: Banjo!  Tom Druckenmiller and Michael Beaky.