I finally got to play Cleo’s – a fine arts gallery on Third Street – for First Friday in Bethlehem tonight.  I’ve played across the street at Tallarico’s Chocolate for many years, but Brian can’t afford to pay me – I’ve taken to playing for tips there, and that’s cool.


The folks at Cleo’s were worried that I’d do all my kids’ stuff, and that’s dangerous with so much glass and fragile stuff around, but, as it turns out it wasn’t a problem.  I also mixed up the kids with the adult stuff, so it was fine.


Tom Chapin disease – when folks only know you by your family material.  It pays the rent, but any mature professional has to be proficient as a musician to play adult stuff as well, and play it well.  Tom has some great material that folks never get to hear, and an album to prove it.  I’m sure he has to deal with the schism, though he has no problem making a living on his children’s albums.


Cleo’s was pleased and I’ll be asked back.


First shoeless gig of the season, and it felt good.