I had another productive Playground session on Saturday, with keeper vocals on All Around the Kitchen, Skip to My Lou, Happy Shark, Jimalong Joe and Rosalie, Where are You Going.I had my ‘morning’ voice on – basso funko – but managed to dispatch some songs, repair patches in the words, and just trying to get it right and real.


Kevin’s doing a great job producing, nudging, coaxing and getting me to do my best. We honestly both know where I mumble, tumble, fumble timing (especially timing), performance values, arrangements.  But thanks to digital recording equipment, Kevin’s skills on the computer and his musical sensibilities, and my willingness to roll on this project with him, this is a great artistic experience.  The product will be really cool, but I find that I embrace these studio sessions as the canvas that I paint on, doing time on my art, getting lost in the work.  Time disappears.


This really is the end of Phase 1, with all my guitars, vocals, and most of my other instruments down. Phase 1 will continue on with dealing out other finishing players and vocalists. Lots to do.


Now to get rough mixes from Kevin to start to hear it as an album, and move towards Phase 2 – production.  Art work, blurbage, CD design, song placement, etc. Different part of the brain.


Soon: finishing bass tracks, trombone, uilleann pipes, steel drums, chick singers, nasty electric guitar and mouth harp and playground and kitchen sounds. We’re getting there.  It’s sounding really funky.  Really.