An awe-inspiring Open Mike tonight at Godfrey’s.  I am continually amazed at the folks that come by for the event – not only the regulars who step up their game, almost on a weekly basis, but the new folks who have heard about the place and stop in.  Folks from miles and miles away, as well.


Tonight had 7 new folks on the stage, and all had chops – songwriting, singing, harp, etc. One young girl had a Billie Holiday voice that was very cool though she may not know who Billie is.  Another young lady Emily C. Escher had some nice jazz stylings, but Mike Holliday commented that the name was similar to M. C. Escher.  We followed up and, indeed, it was a stage name.  Clever by two….. 


This stage has a power that is palpable.  From the pros to the schmoes, folks do their best work here.  I remain in deep awe of what Godfrey’s has become and it satisfies my soul.


Bill Hall’s quiet power, Mance’s crisp picking, Pete’s immaculate rendering of some of my Cooder favorites, and Not for Coltrane’s new confidence.  the community thrives.