I started the day at Steel Stacks for their Saturday family show called Peas and Q’s, in the commons area of this extensive arts facility.  Folk gathered bit by bit, and when I started, there was a nice crowd.  Unfortunately, outside the big glass windows behind me was a Zumba gathering of women aggressively dancing to loud pumping music.  There was no alternative but to start. 


I was joined by good friend and proud Grampa John Christie on guitar so it was especially fun for me.  He’s a fine lead player and jumped right in with class.  Folks were a little reticent in joining in, partly because of the scattered conditions – sound from the ceiling, open air mall situation, so it was hard to maintain focus for the families for a full set.


We video taped the show with three cameras, and Rodger, from LCCC will go back an edit the proceeding for future use.


Round one, and off to Record Store Day for round two.