We returned to a school in Cedar Grove, NJ that we played three years ago – one that the principal sat in on with electric guitar.  He’s since retired, and is out playing, from what we heard from the staff.  Anyway, a nice K – 4 school, kids sitting on mats in the gym. 


The show started off nicely with three young girls coming up and step dancing to the jigs.  This is always a great way to interact with the school community, and visually support our point that folk music and dance still exists in out communities.


Another special moment was the Peanut Butter dowoppers who came up.  I selected one exuberant girl, and I noticed one teacher starting to hover from the sidelines.  She was a special needs student, though quite socially functional.  She did great, and, as I found out later, I also picked her brother.  These are the serendipitous moments that I love.


We were done by 10:15 am and headed back to PA. 


Tomorrow, the big Celtic premier of the new band in Bethlehem.  Lousy weather predicted.