After weeks of sweat equity, kitchen singing, mp3 emails and one practice, we premiered C Lafferty and Friends as part of the St. Patty’s celebration in Bethlehem in the Sun Inn Courtyard.  I had envisioned the place packed after the parade, and was driven to put together a really good, tight band with the guys John, the drummer, had assembled: Nick and Donny from RockRoots.  We all put in time on the songs and the arrangements, and actually pulled it off.  A good selection of some classic Irish tunes, some of the ones I’ve done over the years, some folky tunes, and several mandolin medleys that I did back with Steppin’ Out!.


It was snowing and 35 degrees.  That I hadn’t pictured.  But the stage was kind of covered, and the sound crew the best, so it was as comfortable as it could get. The drummer used gloves, but the three of us made do with flesh.  Amazingly we all did pretty well, especially since we had one live practice earlier this week.


I’m proud of my friends and their support on this project.  I worked up old and new tunes, worked on interesting arrangements, had fun playing in the kitchen, and got a check at the end of the gig.


There were few spectators, but some hearty souls, including my daughter Rosalie.  Those there had a good time, some random jigging going on, and genuine good spirits.  I learned the audience can’t clap along to these tunes when they have gloves on, that are holding on to a Guinness. This one tip goes into the book.


I am really, really beat.  But it’s an honest and well-earned beating.