A long day ahead, with a RockRoots in NJ and an opener for Bill Miller at night.


It was up and on the road before dawn for two assemblies in middle NJ.  We played for the 4th and 5th grades first and the kids were very cool.  As usual, they were up and dancing at the end.  The younger kids were next and did well.  I had one brain fart in the middle of this one, but no one but the band knew it.  Sometimes, these things creep up on you, and usually in different places and unexpectedly.  Usually they come when I’m listening to the other guys play something different, and I lose track of the dialogue.  I slapped my head and got my senses back. 


Long drive, three hours total, plus the two sets makes for a full day, but I had a meeting, pick up of Rosalie and a gig at night.  I got a nap in between, but not a restful one.