My very good friend, Bill George, invited me to entertain on Wednesday night for a gathering of Baha’is for their New Year’s celebration.  Nice to celebrate a new year on the first day of spring, no?  This event ends days of fasting for the adults, so, at the stroke of 7:14 (sunset) a fine buffet of home cooked food was pounced upon, and, after some devotional readings, I set up shop.  It was so fine to enter into their community and get to laugh and sing together.  I came away richer for the experience.


I got to try some of the new stuff from the recording sessions, including Jelly in the Dish, Figure It Out and Finger in the Air, along with Giants, Don’t Call Me Early, Branching Out, Lessons from Pete and others.  The patter flowed nicely with lots of surprising moments of clarity and hilarity. 


To play for intelligent and spiritual people is wonderful and a performance dream.  Many nice compliments from people I care about.


Happy Naw Ruz!