Though kinda beat up from the travel on Friday morning, I looked forward to the guest set for Bill Miller on Friday night.  As part of the celebration of Godfrey Daniels 37th anniversary, I usually do an opener.  Tonight’s show was special.  It was a free concert for GD members only, so there was a special kinship with the audience: not only many familiar faces, but staunch supporters of the club. There was a silent auction as well as desserts for all, so it was a nice and friendly night.  My daughter Rosalie was in the house as well.


I did a good set to start off the evening, with new stuff like Figure It Out, Finger and Jelly in the Dish, and added Don’t Call Me Early, July, Pay Bo Diddley.  I also added the poem Lessons from Pete, and that was nicely received.  I did well and was proud to be part of the evening. Bill noted that it was nice to see the connection with my daughter Rosalie in the audience and myself on stage.


Bill was exceptional, as always, with great Native American based songs, storytelling, powerful guitar work, and nice homages to Godfrey’s as a listening club.  You know, I know how special the club is, but it never fails to amaze me to hear it from the traveling pros in front of our audience.  I am humbled and gratified.


I joined Bill for the encore and we wailed on ‘They Call Me the Breeze’, a great rock and roll tune from JJ Cale.  It was a nice moment, and it was great to have Bill include me in the moment.  I was smiling all the way through.


Before the show Bill remarked how his last couple of years were tough, with a divorce with nasty settlements, and I related my similar trials as well.  Amazing how we still connect after all these years, and though we have traveled vastly different paths, life deals us some remarkably similar blows.  I admire his courage to pick up and carry on.  That’s what I take from tonight’s experience.


Bless the Godfrey’s community and the artists, volunteers and patrons who make it a slice of heaven on earth.