We finally got together as a 4 piece to practice for Sat.’s Irish gig at the Sun Inn.  The lads did quite a bit of homework (mp3’s through email!!!) and we worked out out the set, in order.  Lots of back and forth on chords, arrangements, leads, etc.  It was good that I had worked with John, the drummer, last week.  I could concentrate on Nick’s bass and Donny’s guitar and my scattered notion of the arrangements.


It’s another element of the art of performance: the rehearsal.  You get to chew out the details, talk nuts and bolts, and still have some fun – play music.  Getting together in this situation requires leading, following, discussing, and then playing it out.  The proof shows up in the gig. We shall see, but it also builds confidence.


This is the stuff that no one gets to see.  The work that makes it all so good in the end.


We have some very nice stuff worked up that let’s everybody shine, mostly because of the sweat…….