Yes, 6:30 Bethlehem split for Scotch Plains, NJ and the traffic wasn’t bad.  Fewer jobs, I guess, and apparently I’m helping out these days.


But a YANJ RockRoots gig is always an adventure: traffic, school lunches, bus drivers, secretaries, principals, PTA moms, custodians, lunch room ladies, …oh, and the teachers and kids, too. It’s a leap of faith on so many levels, and it always turns out wonderfully.


Two shows, 8:30 for 7/8, and 9:30 for 5/6 grades. The older kids got it right away, as did the teachers.  Great PB doowop with 6 great kids, and 3 very good Irish jiggers came up early in the show and got everyone’s attention.


The younger kids have great spark, as did the teachers in both assemblies. folks dancing in the aisles … on a Monday morning before 10 am. This is very cool.


After the show, folding up chords, one of the teachers came up and introduced herself to me as Jody Logan, daughter of the great east coast fiddlers, and bluegrass bandleaders, now 85 years old. Though I’ve never seen him, I’ve seen his name everywhere for ever, and good friends and GD musician favorites Barry Mitterhoff and Tony Trischka have played in his bands. Jody told me of growing up amongst the true great of bluegrass and folk. She sent me a picture of Tex, Bill Monroe and herself. 


You just never know who you will connect with at 11 am on a Monday morning.