Second stop on the CT tour was the Open Mike in Thomaston on Friday night.  I used to do this one regularly with Ron, Knott Bros. and others, so there were several familiar and welcome faces in the house.


It’s a somewhat scattered presentation, but that’s a function of the folk running it, so that’s the way it is.


I followed a Jesus lady with a tape deck and a heavy track, complete with several key changes, quiet spots for prayer, and epic orchestral ending.  She open her set promoting some Christian star coming to the area, and said she couldn’t play an instrument,  but would be using the tape deck. 


I got to follow this, so I announced that I couldn’t play a tape deck, but I brought a guitar and mandolin instead.  Chuckles in the hall….  Obviously inspired, I launched into Voodoo Chile on mandolin, and surprised some folks who haven’t heard me before.  I followed with Shoo That Fly as a rocked, got people to clap and sing along, and finished up my set strong.  It was good.


We left a little early so I could catch up with good friends Denny Collin, Jim West and Ron at the local pizza place down the street.  Re-connecting with my CT soul mates was the major thrust of this low budget tour, and worth it.