This was the focal point of my visit to CT this weekend. Frank has a very friendly monthly acoustic showcase in a nice new age restaurant in Shelton.  Frank’s a fine picker on guitar and mandolin, and a fellow open miker, and invites three acoustic acts to perform.  He’s developed a semi-listening audience, so I’ve wanted to find some excuse to make it.  It doesn’t pay, but that’s a small concern for a visit with my old pals.


I was third on the bill, and launched into my mix of blues, kids, novelty, Celtic, rock stuff.  Mixed it up well, and it was nice to feel the talking at the tables disappear.  That’s the problem with some of these restaurant gigs, and that was the operative factor.  I mixed up styles, instruments, vocals, volume with some funny asides and stories that always veer off onto interesting comments that surprise me. 


It was fun to play for a few folks who were somewhat familiar with what I do, plus a bunch of folks who had no idea who this guy is.  Ron Anthony and Frank have seen me over the last ten years, so it was nice to play for them, especially for them. 


I finished my set and headed back to Bethlehem.  It’s a familiar, and not uncomfortable drive back from CT.  I got back after midnight, safe and sound.


I enjoy being a professional entertainer, working with what the venue gives me.  The basic feedback was, “That was fun.”  I take that.