It’s nice to be back in da House for GD’s Open Mike.  I was planning on working out some of the kids’ stuff I’ve been practicing and recording, but, to my amazement, there were two families with their kids, so I thought this will be the best way to experiment with these tunes. 


I sat down at the mikes and said, “Welcome to my laboratory.”  I started out with Skip to My Lou, and explained that I had forgotten to record this one last week, but was influenced by watching ‘Marley’, the reggae documentary I was watching at the time.  I’ve added some fun lyrics, and it was a great sing-along for the adults, too. I commented that it was a hard some for a white guy like me to play, rhythmically and told about my education in Steppin’ Out! when Jeff Biro, the drummer, said, “Dave, don’t play.” 


I followed with Jim-along Josie, another Seeger tune that I’ve made a good blues roots rocker.  A simple song that has a fun and catchy chorus that gets the kids to hop, crawl, sing, etc. during the song, and it has two funky verses that are fun (Here come’s Mr. Spider with a three piece suit)  Two young boys and two slightly older girls, mixed families, and I invited them up while I was playing the song.  There was only slight hesitation, but up they came and jumped right on it, slightly off to the side. 


I saved All Around the Kitchen for the last one, with a catchy minor rock/blues feel, a chorus with ‘cocka doodly do’ chorus, and a stop dance, with the kids doing silly moves on stage.  At this point I cleared the stage to give them the spotlight, and they didn’t disappoint.  They relished it and did great, to the amazement of all, including me.  They took a big bow at the end; it was simply glorious. 


These situations make me the artist that I am.  I use my skills and tools as a musician, but I take chances in the moment, and it’s that leap of faith with the audience that makes for wildly creative moments that often pay off like tonight.  Just sayin’.