I count as friends the mechanics at Phil’s Auto in Vera Cruz: Phil, Pat and Tom.  I’ve been taking my checkered fleet of vehicles there for years, and have probably spent more money there than any where else.  But then, they treat me honestly and faithfully.  Its worth the dough.


I had a low impact fenderbender on New Year’s Day, nudging a truck with a trailer hitch sticking out at a stop light.  He was fine. I had a punctured radiator. Close to home, I limped into a parking place and called AAA for a tow in the morning.


I packed it off on the tow truck, thinking they lads get to it when they can, so I reserved a rental for Friday’s trip to New Hope. I got a call Thursday afternoon saying it was done. I are was surprised. They had jumped on it, put a new radiator, unbent some steel, oil job, and got me back on the road, as they have always done.


We are connected.  I was getting my car fixed on 9/11 and we witnessed together the rolling reports of the event, wondering what was going on.  It was one of those moments when you will always remember what you were doing and with whom you shared them.  (Kennedy assassination riding on the bus home from school). 


I’ve also come to respect the ‘art’ that they do, with their improvisation skills in diagnosing, and solving auto problems.  Intelligence and heart.  You can’t ask for more than that.  It no wonder that folks with some incredible vehicles bring them to this shop.