I had the wonderful opportunity to back up two ladies on mandolin in tow different venues tonight.  I was asked to back up Dina Hall with her band at a concert in Bethlehem’s Ice House as part of a new series of arts programs in conjunction with WDIY.  Dina is becoming established in the scene and I’m appreciative of her including me on stage.


A new songwriter in the community is Rachel Schachter and was celebrating the release of her first album, on which I play on one cut. It was at Illick’s Mill in Bethlehem as well. It seemed I could play that tune with her as her first song, and then head out to the Ice House.  And it worked out fine.  I got to Dina’s show with one song to spare and Mike , the guitarist, and I did a nice extended jam to close out the first set. 


It was good to get out and play without having to front an act.  Very, very different.