I finished up the big holiday day with a 2 pm assembly for a gym full of kids and teachers, lots of kids and teachers….600?  I’ve played here many times throughout the years, so many friendly hand  salutes from familiar teachers.  One said she used to see me as a kid (a fairly common remark nowadays), and thought my visits were the best assemblies.  Nice. 


Another teacher introduced herself to me as the woman who walked out of my ‘adult’ set at Musikfest this summer.  She came up after the set and said, “That was the real Dave Fry!”  I guess I’m glad I didn’t reprise ‘Smoking Babies’.


Anyway, I mixed it up with carols, and DF tunes. I was beat after the three gigs, and stopped at the ATM to deposit the fine check.  Came out and had a parking ticket.  Damn. 


Tomorrow, the mandolin sideman tour with Rachel and Dina.