I played two shows at a year-old hands-on kids museum in New Hope, PA, along the banks for the Delaware.  Its a very artsy town, and I wasn’t surprised with the turnout for this holiday weekday show. 


The 11 am show was held in the banquet facility beneath the museum, the thinking being the morning show is bound to have more folks.  so I lugged the PA downstairs, set up and, sure enough, lots of grandfolk, kids and parents showed up.  I t had a nice concert vibe to it with the concentration on the material, kids dancing and interaction with the adults. 


The afternoon show was different and challenging in a different way.  I was in the museum itself on a very nice stage in a smaller room than before.  And, it was in the middle of other rooms with activities going on.  Much harder to hold the attention of the adults (gotta do somethin’ else…) but a large part of the folks hung out.  Had to do the movement earlier, and in this public space, harder to get call and response.  But in both cases, there were many flashes of real communication, a general community joy. 


The director came up after the first show and said I was her favorite of all the events she’s had,….. but then they’re only a year old.  I’m invited back.


I was really nice to take the scenic route to New Hope (there’s no other way) and back on a windy December day. 


Tomorrow, hometown gig.