I had a gig close to home at the Arts Quest Center here on the Southside.  Snow was starting to hit and stick on the streets, but some folks made and spread out in, lets face it, a mall.  More on that some other time.


Small group of folks, from a pretty diverse set of kids, grandparents, parents, people were moving around in the back (gift shop, food, tickets, ….), so it was fun to play.  I got to sit and talk with various folks; surprisingly many artists and former teachers.  I also did an future radio/podcast interview with Roger, from WXLV.  They have a studio that has potential video and sound recordings.  That’s cool, cause I don’t have that part of the biz up in today’s modern world.


I like to watch the family dynamics from center stage.  Sibling relationships, nurturing “come on, Dad….”, grand folks and kids, and add some pro-active music in a comfortable space.  Peter Sellers said, “I like to watch.”


Sold some CD’s, spent the money on ink, neked CD’s, a snow brush (on sale) and groceries.  ..oh, and a Morning Call.


I’m doing the social ramble tomorrow, and then a wild First Night Lehigh Valley tour.