A plump gig fell in my hands to play in Center City Allentown for their First Night.  I had the Godfrey’s gig on the books, but they assured me I could play at 6 pm and be able to make my Bethlehem gig.  As it turns out, I was second on the bill at 6:20, so I sucked it up and did my best to do a full set and then hit the road.


They had a sound system and an ineffectual heater on stage.  The temperature was ~ 30 degrees but no wind, so it turned out all right.  Few people, but they were into it.  Several kids came up and played instruments in front to the delight of the parents.  Four folks in their late twenties hung out and danced and sang along, and, actually, impressed me with their connecting with my material.  They came up afterward.  One girl said she had never seen be before but had a great time, and then her boy friend came up and said he had seen me when he was a kid.  (pretty much a common story now a days…. and cool). I tried to play dance stuff to keep people moving, and stood and played for the same reason.


I got to play the Ballad of the Jubilee Bell song I wrote, and have improved my version of it.  My friend and sponsor Pastor Bob Stevens was there as I sang it, and the work I put into it this week paid off. Since I don’t get the opportunity to play it often, it’s not as strong as it could be.  It’s well on its way, but I have to play it in front of people to improve it.


I got paid well, the folks were appreciative and it was all good. Off to GD’s.