This is the only bar gig I have, and each time I play St. James Gate, I count my lucky stars for two reasons.  The first is – I get to play my ‘adult’ music’ with some of my talented musicians/friends.  The second is – I only have to place this one bar.


Don Mayer on guitar and Kris Kehr on bass -a nice combination of improv skills, and a full sound.  They also roll with the punches with what ever I draw out, and they increasingly know my material. The gig allows us to stretch the tunes; in fact, it insists upon it.  Both Don and Kris are also goodfrei9nds and all of us appreciate the opportunity to play something different, and get paid well to do it.


St. James Gate is an Irish pub in the casino, next to the slot floor.  We’ve talked about the ambient sound,a mixture of indistinguishable music, a high pitched drone and the electronica of the slot machines. Donnie figured it out….the pitch is between E and Eb.  Some think tank probably figured out it would increase the anxiety of the gamblers.


It was full bar to start with, noisy as all get out, with little appreciation other than a blonde Irish woman who wanted to hear Drop Kick Murphys, punk band.  At least it wasn’t Free Bird. We plowed through 3 50 minute sets to meager reaction, though all positive over all.


Back at 1 am, and hard to get to sleep for a long day tomorrow.