I did my second and final Christkindlmarkt shows this evening, with a definite nip in the air.  My friend Tom, hard core folkie, sat through both sets, sang along, and knew when I make a mistake (tip – that’s why the musician is smiling…).  Worked with several families and kids and the first set ended up with a bang.  Kids singing on stage, with proud parents and grandparents beaming.  The second set was fun ’cause I had some favorites still in bag, Christmas tunes that sound great on a cranked up Martin.  Oooooh.


An older lady with a walker who came out with her daughter for the afternoon stopped on the way out during the break and thanked me for playing with the kids.  Nice.


Special note: Trombosis played in front of me and I got to catch up with Rob Stonebeck.  We chatted about the LV Christmas show tomorrow, and the time we played there together.  It dawned on my that perhaps rob would like to do it again……and he said yes.  Oh how %&*#ing great is that?  Symphony Hall – Dave Fry Rob Stonebeck duo. 


I’m really, really excited. Last time I saw Rob, he was backing up The Four Tops.