A very interesting gig playing for several thousand runners as part of a weekend of races in Bethlehem.  They did a 5 K early on Saturday on the SouthSide, and followed with a 20 K on the North and South sides.  I played on the green near the City Center as the runners came across the Fahey bridge.  I had a generator for my PA so I was loud enough.  The race returned a block away later so I put in a couple of hours of playing.


A very unique audience, as they passed by. Many smiles, some folks clapping, thumbs ups, and a few ‘Hey, Dave Fry’s; and a few ‘Baby Shark’ movements.  Very, very cool, and a gratifying response to my music.  tomorrow I’ll do the Half Marathon up near Lehigh.


Off to Flint Hill Farms this afternoon for another open farm gig.