Another freebie gig at Flint Hill Farm, an educational farm near Hellertown.  I did a 3 pm gig in the horse barn, with bales of hay and a few folks gathered around.  On family of mom, dad, granddad and grandmom and a sweet little girl who was the apple of all our eyes. She and the family were here last year when she finally warmed up to the music.  Today, she was ready to dance, hand out instruments, wave scarves.  She charmed us all.


Later, a group of young lads stopped by along with some other folks and we mixed it up nicely, and I ended up playing for an hour and a half.  Lots of friendly cats making themselves comfy on my guitar bag.  Again, good for the soul, though not the pocket book.


Tonight, a trip to an old venue that I played in the 70’s, and some good friends from my musical past, as well.