I was feeling a bit down on a Philly Folk Fest weekend, having fallen off the circuit there over the last few years (change in the bookers).  But I noticed on FB that an open mike was happening about 30 miles away at a nice acoustic music store outside of Kutztown, so I decided to make the trip out and play a few tunes.  It was worth the trip.


Meadowwood Music has a nice community of musicians going, with lessons, jams, workshops, etc., and the evening was a nice mixture of young fiddlers, old pickers, songwriters, and others playing on a nice lawn and sound stage behind the store.  A perfect evening, weather-wise, and it was nice to just take it all in.


I played as the sun was going down, and did Don’t Call Me Early, July, and Giants, an appropriately folky set.  I’m the only one who nagged the audience to sing, but that’s what I do. I did surprise the folks, and that’s the fun in doing these open mikes.


Nice to see my friend Mike Holliday there, one of Godfrey’s open mike czars, with his new MW guitar and his songs. Another keeper of the flame.


Mike and Paula have a fine community thing going and are proud of the events they put together for their clientele.  I took a tour of the shop after my set to cash in a gift certificate (strings and some rare fingerpicks), and the old farm house is filled with a great selection of mandolins, guitars, banjos, fiddles, along with some nice electrics, as well.  Mike also does repairs in the old kitchen area. A nice touch.


Mike and Paula crowed about their community development and I could only say that I agreed, thinking to myself that’s what I’ve been doing for years at Godfrey’s.  But, all folk is local.