I was invited back for a backyard birthday party in North Bethlehem for a group of young families, some very familiar fans, good food and friends.  I set up on off the patio and played a relatively short set (short attention spans), but included “Ducati Bike’, a ditty written by Dad Pags and developed by his kids as a bed time song.  This spring I was asked to make into a song and worked out a nice arrangement and tried it out with the kids this afternoon.  Relative chaos, but that’s okay.


One small boy was infatuated with my guitar and he couldn’t keep his hands off it, often coming close to de-tuning the guitar.  After my set, I invited him over to strum the guitar and he lit up with delight.  We spent a good amount of time with each other, playing Old McDonald.  I put the guitar away and was quite upset for the rest of the time I hung out at the party.  I gave him a CD, but couldn’t quite get over the guitar’s absence. Tearful hug at the end.  Remarkable persistence of memory.