They’re pulling back the duo gigs at the Sands Casino (St. James Gate Pub) during the weekdays.  I must admit that they have been a double-edged sword – it pays well, and I get to play with Ansel Barnum and explore music together,  but then again, it is a bar gig, with small crowds and little response.


Nowadays, I play for the playing, and my gigs with Ansel have been wonderful in several ways.  I love to play strong rhythm guitar, and work on backing up the soloist in diverse ways.  And Ansel is willing to listen and play and extend himself as well.  Tonight we stretched things (easy to do when no one is listening, and 3 50 min. sets to fill) and it sounded really, really nice to our ears. 


The time went quickly, in spite of the bar situation, and we walked away in good spirits.  It is all about the music.


Tomorrow, Kevin and I start planning for my next kids’ album.  New creative juices.