I’m sweeping up the Ballad of the Jubilee Bell project by recording several versions of the song for the Liberty Bell Museum in Allentown, especially with the A’town 250th Celebration coming up in September. I have a version where I’m comfortable singing it, a shorter, condensed version for radio (chorus less often), and a sing-along version that repeats the chorus after every verse.  I’m also starting on an instrumental version so that we can do Karaoke, I guess, and that’s in a different key. I’ll add mandolin as lead.  (I have to learn it though.)


When I played it live on July 4th, I noticed it wasn’t easy for me to sing (tension) and not easy for the people to sing.  Therefore I feel I have to move it up a few steps.


Gar Davison brought in some nice mikes so we played around with multiple takes.  I actually played through most of it with no mistakes.  A good sign.


Nice to play my own song.