Saturday was an epic day, in several ways.  Godfrey’s was part of a Lehigh freshman orientation to the SouthSide with roving bands of youths checking our various sites on our side of town.  Considering the kids were visiting the local CVS stores, GD’s was a unique stop on the tour.  Around 500 kids walked into the club during the day, where upon Ramona and myself introduced the concept of GD’s to these confused and overwhelmed teens.


I formulated my pitch on my history at Lehigh (last century) with The Catacombs Coffeehouse on campus and the acoustic concerts I saw while I was there.  And I talked about moving onto the SouthSide and becoming part of the Lehigh Valley arts scene. … and the need for a listening club for musicians and audiences alike.


10 minute spiel, and some conversation and a few songs.  We asked who the musicians were, talked up the web site, the radio show, the unique atmosphere, and then they moved on.


What makes this epic is….. I’ve wanted to get LU students in the door for 37 years, and, for the first time, we got 500 fresh new faces in the seats, if only for  minutes.