Seems I’m a glutton for travel.  I signed up for two farmers’ markets in CT for a Friday afternoon and a Saturday morning. I guess it counts as a tour.  Friday was at the Madison FM, the first one I’ve played, and remains the best.  Great location on the town green, and a lot of quality venues.  I’ve changed my FM technique, when possible, to no amplification, and in amongst the vendors. It’s a nice philosophy for me, in that I’m an artisan as well.  And it puts me in the flow of the business and traffic.  Tips….


I’m plenty loud for the site, as folks walk by, and audible enough generally for the whole area.  I like the fact I can react with folks as they walk by and not broadcast comments to the green.  And I can work with the kids on an immediate level.  I can stop and instruct the kids on how to play the stranger instruments, introduce the rain stick, chat about things… all in the middle of a song. So much different than having to start and finish a song. 


The nicest thing is the reaction from the vendors.  Cheese lady gave me some $$ cheese to take home, and commented that I’m the only one that works close to the stream.  The lettuce guy talks about bluegrass and my mandolin.  the produce girl gave me peppers, basil and weird tomatoes at the end. Its the artisans that understand.


A nice summer day on the green.


Tonight, open mike at Cheney Hall.