Saturday’s trip took me out to the wonderful Berks County area near Hawk Mountain.  A hippie dippie camping festival of jam music bands that I played last year.  I was hired as an early morning (10 am) opener for the kids and families, moved from the main stage to the kids area.  That’s fine with me.  The big sound system and stage is too much for engaging the kids the way I do best.


So, we set up under a tent, moved some tables, got out the instruments and played. Again, a small group but they all hung in there for the full set (and didn’t run off and jump in the pool…).  Nice group of intelligent kids and we played nicely together. 


It’s an interesting niche, to play for the kids as the parents recover from a late Friday night concert.  And I get my name on the poster with Yellow Dubmarine, Dr. Slothclaw, Peanut Brittle Satellite, Orzic Tentacles, Barons of Tang, et al.  cool, and I got a cool t-shirt, too.