It turned out to be a busy arts day, with an Afternoon Salon with other Teaching Artists near Princeton, but starting with a farmers’ market gig in the Sun Inn Courtyard in Bethlehem.  A small, emerging market in a nice acoustic setting.  I forwent the sound system which was smart, energy efficient and philosophically correct.  Some regular moms and kids gathered and we proceed to play to those who happened by.  A nice assortment of kids, grandpops and dads, new moms, etc.  A good stretch of the musical and community muscles.


I headed out to Princeton for a new gathering of Teaching Artists with YANJ, the idea of a semi-regular gathering to discuss new projects, get to know each other, and support for our arts.  I mentioned at the beginning that these events help me define myself as an ‘artist’, that being larger than ‘musician’, ‘folkie’, etc. 


We passed the intros around the circle, with theater, movement, visual arts, poetry, etc. of all shades, and all with some acclaim. Very cool.  We had a little time to present a piece, display works on a screen, read a poem.  I pulled up ‘Giants’ by Kent Aldrich, and it was a real hoot (or howl) and it was a big hit. 


We’re hoping for regular salons, and mixing of artists.  Very good for the soul.