I picked up a last minute gig for Saturday afternoon for the 75th birthday party for Kathy Kraus, wife of my old friend and bag puppeteer Duke Kraus.  I had played at various family weddings, picnics in the past, so there were familiar faces there.  Backyard in a North Bethlehem neighborhood, food, lots of family…  So I pulled up a chair a played music.  Simply nice to be amongst a family enjoying the moment and each other.  Folks enjoyed the music and the atmosphere, as did I.


I talked with Kathy over the meatball buffet, and she remarked how she thinks of Duke everyday, sometimes smiling, sometimes crying.  I said she has a beautiful family, with grandkids, sons and daughters all over the back yard.  And she said she knows it and Duke would be very proud.  Yes, he would.


I reflect on how I wish things had turned out that way for me.