I headed for another really local gig – on the SouthSide of Bethlehem, in fact – to my semi-regular duo at the St. James Gate Pub in the middle of the Sands Casino.  Culture shock after my afternoon gig, but another opportunity to play live music with a friend, and we both make money.  Nice combination, actually.


Donnie Mayer filled in tonight for Ansel, who is out on the road supporting Kwesi.  Good for him, and Ansel and I get to play tomorrow at Mayfair.  Don and I play all the time, but in RockRoots, which is a tightly scripted show.  He has a great ear, and is open to ‘playing’ with people.  So, I enjoyed saying, ‘take it’ and he did.  Nice explorations with a jazz dude and a folk dude.  Lots of listening.


It was in a bar.  The place was packed with people when we got there due to an Irish punk band, Flogging Mollies, in concert at the new Sands Casino concert venue.  We turned a few ears, and as the concert time approached, the audience withered back to the usual few strays.  It remains a valuable gig, as are some bar gigs, in that you learn to stretch and experiment and play (that word again) in that environment.  Don and I had some nice things going.


I am still baffled that I can make a living playing music like this.