Ansel and I played a Friday evening set at the Master Stage to very few people… understandable for several reasons – a slow moving rain shower the hour before, a $5 entrance fee to the festival, and the early part of the holiday weekend. It was nice to play with a big system and good sound and to simply play with Ansel again.  Though we don’t play regularly, we listen to each other and are developing some nice dynamics.


A former teacher in the Cherryville area came up and thanked us for our talents, and commented on  the times I had played her school.  I remember quite well my visits, including a song residency, and it was nice to have her remind me.  Seems, though, the older teachers are retiring, and with constant turnover with PTA moms, principals, and newer teachers, it’s definitely harder to maintain a presence in schools.  I’ll have to figure that into my school marketing for the fall.


I’m glad, though, that Ansel and I got to play our ‘adult’ stuff in Allentown.  Tomorrow is a kids’ show at the festival.