Quite the interesting day in folkdom for me.  After recovering from the CT trip the night before, I headed out to Lehigh Parkway ES for a return trip – it had been 2008 since I had been there.  I was quite warmly welcomed, with a big old sign next to the stage (LP welcomes back DAVE FRY).  Nice to set up with that on the side.  The teachers were pleased to have me back, and even a retired teacher came back with her new granddaughter. (Her first music concert ever – boy, is that cool?)


The kids were great, and, having been away for awhile, had some new stuff for them.  The school is in a tight little neighborhood, so I remarked how the neighbors were taking the really, really loud dog howl in I Wanna be a Dog.  It was really, really loud. 


I comment at the beginning of each ES show, how folk music creates community, with singing, dancing and storytelling.  Today I commented how our set together made me feel a part of their community. 


Back home to recover for a bar gig….