This was a no-brainer.  The New Canaan Nature Center in CT is a precious place.  I’ve done several shows there, through several artistic directors, and I found a new audience with their Preschool Center.  Imagine, a preschool at a nature center…..  Makes sense to me….


I was asked back for the picnic celebrating the end of the school year, with families and kids on the back lawn of the building.  I left Bethlehem at 2:30 for a 5:30 gig, and the traffic only got thick in the last 10 miles….  Maryanne was eagerly awaiting my arrival (damn cheap phone..), and I set up next to the building and opened my musical toy chest, and the kids gathered immediately.


I launched into my thang, 20 minutes off the road, and I played for 75 minutes, with dancing, singing, watermelon, hokey poking, families and lots of running around. We had a good time.


It was strange, though, to drive from PA to CT and back by 9:15 pm. 


Good though.