What a treat to travel up to Kempton and back on a gorgeous May Saturday afternoon.  The Dawgs had an afternoon set at a new bluegrass festival near Hawk Mountain.  A good opportunity to play for folks who listen.


First year festival, so few folks in the band shell, but great food, hippie stuff, dogs, kids, and a day of music.  We did a scattered set, but never settled into a groove, unlike the GD and radio gigs.  We did get to jam (part of the idea of the festival) with Anthony Hoolihan on fiddle, and pulled of a good 90 minute set.  we all made gaffs, but it was good for the soul.


We making progress, but are still not quite comfortable in some new situations.  Sound system, set lists/on the fly decisions, tiny licks and arrangements….  But that’s what it’s all about, real.  ….doing the tighten up!


Back to Godfrey’s to do sound for Woody Mann, world class acoustic guitarist.