I jumped up to fill in for Leon on sound tonight for the GD Open Mike.  Set up the club, turned on the coffee machine and unlocked the door.  All the right people showed up.  amazing.


Besides the remarkable group of players that showed up, staff, family, volunteers, regular om’ers chipped in to make the night float.  Godfrey’s is a unique place.


What struck me this time was several younger – and mike shy – folks stepped up bigtime, with sophisticated songs, nice voices, and stage cool that belied their years.  Bill Hall, Rachel – strong stuff, and even Jimmie D stepped up big time with a J. Edwards song.  New stuff!!!! 


I pulled our my C (f holed) Martin for three songs, to bang on it some more.  It responded nicely with Bill Hall working the dials to pump it up.  Again, nice to play three strong songs, and listen to my guitar.


Busy week coming up.