I was invited down to my neighborhood school for their talent night on Tuesday.  I sneaked in, admired the art show and sat down to see these kids strut their stuff on the nice, new-curtained stage.  Lots of creative movement and costuming, lots of Michael Jackson tunes (which is cool, actually), dancing, and a rendition of ‘Baby Shark’. 


The kids did a finale, thanking the folks in the school, and, at the end, parents stood up with their own signs, thanking the sisters, Therese and Joyce, for years of tending to their kids and families.  I teared up.


Sister Joyce thanked the community’s talent night cast and families, and then mentioned that Holy Infancy’s own super star was in the audience, and mentioned me.  Pow. 


You give to the neighborhood and the neighborhood gives back, in amazing ways.  There’s a chapter.